Nice to meet you!

I'm sandro brunner

web developer


By now I’ve almost worked for 20 years as an IT-Specialist. 

I started as an apprentice at a telecommunications company. After that I went on to work in all kinds of different companies – from smaller companies like local SMEs to universities to big international companies. In the meantime I also got my bachelors degree in computer science.

This left me with a lot of experience and also showed me where my passions lie. Which is why I’ve decided to dedicate my time designing and building websites to help businesses represent themselves in the best possible way on the world wide web.


My work ethics can be broken down to the following points.

  • Be honest and transparent
  • Be responsible
  • Keep things simple
When deciding to work with someone there is always some leap of faith you need to take. The world of technology can seem very complicated and at times overwhelming . I realise the amount of trust I receive when building a website for a company and want to ensure to give it back in equal measure.


Originally I’m from Switzerland but recently I moved to live in Spain. You probably already guessed why… for love of course.  I enjoy experiencing this new culture and also the extra amount of sun I get here.